A coalition of Afghan women and youth, civil society groups, activists, and supporters.

London 26 August, 2019 – As the Afghan peace talks continue in Doha, The FarkhundaTrust, in partnership with Afghan Professional Network, Afghan Voice Radio and the BritishAfghan Coordination Council, will bring together experts, academics and activists to explore to role of Afghan diaspora in Afghanistan’s social, economic and political development.

‘Afghan Diaspora Conference will build a stronger diaspora community, who can meaningfully contribute through research, debate and engagement on the most pressing issues facing Afghanistan today. From peace-building to women empowerment to education, we aim to create a new generation of change makers.’ – Rahela Sidiqi, founder of the Farkhunda Trust for Afghan women’s education.

Despite decades of ongoing conflict, Afghan people have realised significant, tangible developments in their own lives and in society more broadly. Foreign aid and humanitarian assistance have contributed to these improvements, but Afghans themselves have been the agents and executors of such labour. But these victories are hard-won and the number of civilians being killed in attacks increases daily.

Organised by The Farkhunda Trust, the conference will explore and highlight the role of diaspora in peace-building, public-engagement in peace-building civic engagement, ,women’s empowerment and government and what the future of Afghanistan can look like.The conference will bring together activists, journalists, academics to tackle some of the toughest challenges facing Afghanistan today. The day-long conference will include events with include the Said T. Jawed, the Afghan Ambassador to the UK, the acclaimed BBC journalist Sana Safi, the author and academic DR. Gloria Moss And Dr Althea Rivas.

To register for the conference and for a full programme of events click http://www.tiny.cc/adclondon

| For more information please contact: info@farkhundatrust.org